Learn How To Get Help For A Loved One Who Is Facing Deportation

12 May 2017
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Has your loved one recently been detained? You may be concerned that he or she will be deported because that person is not a citizen of the United States. Although some people do get deported back to their homeland, there is a way to get help and possibly prevent that from happening. It is important to contact an immigration lawyer to represent your loved one.

What Does the Immigration Lawyer Do?

An immigration lawyer believes in fighting for the rights of individuals who may have decided to come to the United States for a better life. Your loved one may have left his or her homeland to seek refuge, especially if the country he or she is from is extremely dangerous. There are plenty of immigrants who come to the United States in hopes of living a sustainable life, earning a decent income and being able to send money back to their loved ones who may be struggling. The lawyer may work to prove that your loved one is one of those people who simply wants a better life and is not involved in any criminal or gang-related activity.

The Consultation: Learning More About the Situation a Hands

Because each immigration situation is unique, it is important for you and your loved one to attend a consultation with the immigration lawyer. It is there that you can explain the situation, such as how long the person has been in the United States, where they originally came from and their sole purpose for leaving their country. If they are not in the country legally, the immigration lawyer may provide helpful advice on how to obtain temporary citizenship in the meantime through the form of a visa that could eventually turn into permanent citizenship in the form of a green card.

There are several strategies the lawyer may work with, but it all depends on the situation at hands. There is an application that must be submitted to obtain citizenship to the United States, and an immigration lawyer can help with the application process, too.

No one who comes to the United States to live a better life wants to face the possibility of deportation. It may be frightening to even think about your loved one being sent back home to a place that is not safe. If you have some serious concerns and you would like to help this individual out, contact an immigration lawyer immediately. The lawyer may work feverishly to help your loved one stay in the United States and eventually become a legal citizen of the country so that he or she does not have to deal with the possibility of being detained or deported again. For more information, contact companies like David Borts Law Office.