Tips For Applying For A Green Card For Your Child

3 February 2019
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If you are a United States citizen and would like to apply for a green card for a son or daughter that is living in another country and that is not a citizen of the United States, there are certain steps that you will need to take. Of course, helping your son or daughter get a green card might be very important to you so that your entire family can be together. Following the right steps can help you make sure that your son or daughter is able to enter and live in the United States legally.

Don't Try to Do It the Illegal Way

Some people get tempted to bring their family members into the United States illegally. After all, it might seem like it's going to cost too much money or take too much time to apply for a green card the legal way. However, you should not be tempted to bring your son or daughter into the United States illegally. It could be dangerous for your child, and it could make the situation much worse if you get caught.

Hire a Lawyer

It is entirely possible for you to go through the entire green card application process for your son or daughter without the help of a lawyer. Even though it's possible for you to do it yourself, however, it's not recommended. Instead, look for an immigration lawyer who has experience in helping parents apply for green cards for their children. Then, you'll have an understanding and knowledgeable person on your side to help you with the whole process, and you'll help make sure that everything related to your child's green card application is handled as it should be.

Gather and Turn in Necessary Information

Even if you hire an immigration lawyer to help with your child's case, you will still need to turn in some information yourself. For example, you will need to turn in proof that you are a United States citizen yourself. You will also need to turn in information that proves that your son or daughter is, in fact, your child, such as a copy of his or her birth certificate. If you aren't sure about what you will need to turn in, ask your lawyer about the documents that you will need to provide.

Applying for a green card for your child might be one of the most important things that you do in your life. You can help make sure that you do it right by following the steps above. For more information, reach out to an immigration lawyer.