How An Immigration Attorney Can Help You Avoid Trouble

25 January 2023
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Are you thinking of coming to the United States or do you want to bring a loved one overseas into the country? Perhaps you are already in the country as an immigrant but you've run into an issue. There are a variety of different ways that an immigration attorney might be able to assist either you or someone that you care about. Here's how an immigration lawyer can help you stay out of trouble and avoid mistakes. 

Avoid Delays During Processing

There are multiple different ways to get into the United States. There are multiple types of work visas, all of which have different requirements. If you are attempting to get a green card in order to achieve permanent resident status, that's another lengthy process with more paperwork. The immigration process is not known for being especially speedy, and you can delay things even further if you make a mistake with your application. An attorney can review your application before submission in order to ensure you do not face a delay or get denied simply because of a paperwork error.

Resolve a Possible Issue With Your Status

When you are given entry to the United States under a work visa or other form of immigration, you are expected to comply with all rules. If your immigration status is now up in the air because you have a criminal record or you've overstayed your visa, you might need legal help. An attorney can take a look at your situation and give you some options if you are trying to stay in the United States or at least delay the deportation process.

Assistance With an Appeal 

Finding out that your application has been denied can be a punch to the gut. But there is an appeals process in place and you might still be able to get into the United States or get your loved one into the country. An immigration lawyer can take a look at why you were denied and then help you strategize the best path forward.

Stop or Delay Deportation

You've been notified that you are at risk of being deported or perhaps this is happening to a loved one. It may be possible with the help of an attorney to stop or at least delay your deportation. For example, you may be able to file for asylum if going back to your home country could be dangerous to you or your family.

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