How An Immigration Attorney Can Help You Avoid Trouble

25 January 2023
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Are you thinking of coming to the United States or do you want to bring a loved one overseas into the country? Perhaps you are already in the country as an immigrant but you've run into an issue. There are a variety of different ways that an immigration attorney might be able to assist either you or someone that you care about. Here's how an immigration lawyer can help you stay out of trouble and avoid mistakes. Read More 

Why You Should Retain An H1B Visa Lawyer

4 May 2022
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If you have the need or desire to immigrate, you will want to deeply consider getting help from an H1B visa lawyer. There are too many people that make the mistake of trying to go through this process and jump through all of the hoops on their own, and they end up feeling defeated. To help you have a better understanding of why hiring a visa lawyer is so crucial to your immigration journey, you will want to read through the following. Read More 

How to Choose a Japanese Immigration Lawyer for Your Business

8 October 2021
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If you run a global company and want to establish a presence in Japan, then you might need help from an experienced immigration lawyer. You might want to bring Japanese employees into your U.S. offices. Or, you might want people to move the other way on either a temporary or permanent basis. The right lawyer can help you navigate your business's immigration needs in both countries. What should you look for before you choose an attorney? Read More 

Avoiding Deportation By Qualifying For A Green Card

28 April 2021
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When an immigrant faces deportation to their home country, they might be able to remain in the United States if they can successfully apply for legal permanent residency, otherwise known as a green card. The United States has several pathways for eligibility, so an immigration removal attorney may help a person understand which route is best for them to take to avoid deportation. Employer Sponsorship Several types of visas allow employers to sponsor immigrants to gain legal entry into the United States. Read More 

Why You Should Work With An Immigration Attorney When Applying For A Work Permit Or Work Visa

30 October 2020
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If you are hoping to start working in the United States when you hold citizenship in another country, there is a good chance that you are going to need a work permit or work visa in order to legally do so. You could be thinking about filling out the forms and applying for the work permit or work visa on your own, but you will probably want to work with an immigration attorney instead for these key reasons. Read More